Monday, August 22, 2011

Hello to everyone and just thought I would include today the latest news on what I am up feels like forever since I visited here - what happened to July I wonder?
Lots of hugs to you all and hope to hear from you soon! Jule x


Be mesmerized by the most amazing Christmas display that you could ever imagine at next week's Gold Coast Show from September 2 to 4. The theme for the competition entries in the Homecraft's Pavillion this year is Christmas and this enchanting, 'Lollipop Land' display is guaranteed to captivate and delight show patrons.

Allow me to introduce you to Sherbert Fizz!

Sherbert (or 'Bert', as he is known to his closest friends), puts the fizzle into the fizz and is responsible for creating that tingle down your spine when you pop the very first spoonful of his amazing confectionery onto your tongue.

Bert is just one of the many fun-filled characters who live in Lollipop Land, a land of frost and snow at the North Pole, where the cauldrons are bubbling away cooking up everyone's favourite lollies. You will discover fairies, elves and pixies all frantically working to ensure that there is a constant supply of sweets on hand to tempt and tantalise us.

Journey with us, as we take the trip of a lifetime with Bert and his friends when we visit 'Lollipop Land' - a wondrous world where imagination has no boundaries and anything can happen!

We hope you can help us spread the word and join us for this fun-filled weekend where original doll-artist Chris Boston and visual display artist Jule Barten combine their talents once again in an explosion of colour and creativity to create an enchanting new world called 'Lollipop Land'. Sit in the magic chair or make a wish in the wishing well and enjoy this extra-ordinary display of hand-sculpted characters residing in their imaginary world...... you will believe!!

Jule Barten Ph 0412 786 046

Chris Boston Ph 0439 660 948