Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Thanks so much to Mimmi's for reminding me that I have a 'Blog' too .... oh dear, I fear I am wearing too many hats right now : -) I remember the days when I had spare time.... or do I??
I love everything that I do and maybe that's the problem ... how do I let something go when they all mean so much to me?
I'm finally getting the hang of Facebook(I think); I love doing workshops and creating beautiful things; I have a fabulous time working with my friend original doll artist Chris Boston; I love doing amazing visual displays and so the list goes on .... life is just one big crazy juggling act isn't it?
Maybe I should take up training for the circus? No wait a minute... knowing my luck they would probably put me on the tight-rope : -))

Monday, January 23, 2012

'With Love and Devotion'

Happy New Year to Everyone and welcome to another fun-filled year in the world of Whimsical Imaginings!
Wow, I have such a big year planned with lots of workshops, exhibitions and shows as well as the website, blog and facebook; oh and of course, then there's the family, friends, house and pheww.... I'm beginning to sound crazy already!
I had such a lovely day creating yesterday, it was raining and cool - just perfect to allow the creative juices to flow freely. This picture is called 'With Love and Devotion' and was inspired by a magnificent sheet of scrapbook paper from Bella Paperie and the stunning velvet flowers and trims from Miss Rose Sister Violet. Masses of pearls, flowers and gorgeous lace in delicate hues of soft pinks, creams and aquas ...... oh, if only you could see it in the flesh as it is so much prettier in real life!
I have decided that the phrase 'With Love and Devotion' shall be my mantra for the year 2012 as I tackle every new project. What a wonderful way to enjoy the journey, don't you agree?! Jule x