Saturday, November 26, 2011

Travels through the house.

What a lovely, quiet Sunday afternoon on the peaceful with the sound of birdsong ringing in my ears. I just thought I would take a tour through my little pretties and share some images with you and if you visit my facebook page, you will also find some of my Christmas photos as well! you will see, I have a had another busy week in paradise. Enjoy, create, inspire, share and love, love, love all that you do! x

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The 'Pink' Window

Hello to everyone again and I thought I would share this with you today.....enjoy!

The 'Pink' Window - created for Christina's Cottage in Merredin, WA

My thoughts were to create the ambience of an outdoor Christmas Tea Party complete with pretend grass and a lush garden ....... I began with a standard trestle table (one of those boring ones from the hardware store) and wrapped the table legs in masses of soft pink tulle, I then covered the top in a piece of torn calico. The dusty old chairs were discovered in the shop owner's garage, so I cleaned them up and covered the seats in calico to match the table; adding torn sashes of calico around the chair-backs and finally embellishing each one with a glittery pink bow.

The table was adorned with crisp white table-ware and glass cannisters filled with fluffy pink and white marshmallows. The little milk bottles were filled with yummy pink lemonade and pretty little pink & white striped straws. Glittered birds were then perched atop the bonbons awaiting the guest's arrival and of course, what Tea Party is complete without cup-cakes and bubbly, so I added pearl garland into the wine glasses to create the illusion of bubbles!!

The tapestry wall-hanging was purposely chosen to lead you to believe that you were outside looking in, and warms the window beautifully with the timber doors and chairs complementing each other. The eight and a half feet Christmas tree was lavishly decorated with pink and silver decorations along with some twinkly, starry lights and the spruce garlands up above were entwined with glittery bauble garlands and lots of sparkly fairy lights.

The doorway behind the tree was swathed in masses of pink glittery vines to create the illusion of an archway leading inside and of course what Christmas garden would be complete without a hedge of miniature Christmas Trees! The garden bench was covered in pink and cream scatter cushions with dozens of white and pink blooms billowing behind and over the top of the seat. A wonderful iron-framed mirror made a perfect back-drop and to complete the story, and ........for just a little bit of fun, I added two stunning 'pink' any good fairy would do!!

Of course, none of this would have been possible were it not for Rhonda from Christina's Cottage giving me the freedom to dream up this gorgeous window; or without the assistance of my ever-helpful husband Steven with his strength, height and building knowledge far exceeding my limited capabilities :-))
I thank them both sincerely and am forever grateful for the opportunity to put this window together.

I hope you enjoy the window display as much as I did creating it for you..... remember to have fun with your Christmas decorating too!
Jule x

Best wishes for a beautiful day to you all!